1 Wolves of the Beyond: Frost Wolf

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Wolves of the Beyond: Frost Wolf

Written by Kathryn Lasky

Reviewed by TB (age 11)

Wolves of the Beyond: Frost Wolf

Faolan and his friends are back and things have gotten worse. A fierce blizzard has come and it is worse than a hurricane. Faolan finds one of his friends and has to use the skin of a vole to patch him up because his ribs cut through his skin. Now Faolan and his friends have to go to the blood watch because wolves from the outer maws are coming in to the beyond to feed on other wolves. The lesson is that you need to care for your friends and family.

My favorite characters are Faolan, Edame, and Wissler because they are in the blood watch. I like this book because it is like the movie The Hunger Games. In this book they have to hunt to survive. My favorite part was when a wolf that nursed Faolan’s sisters said that she was not their mom. This book is like Wolves of the Beyond - Shadow Wolf because they are in the same series by the same author. It is similar because it is the same as this book but a little different. It made me wonder if the blizzard was ever going to end. Also what will the next book be about.

It might interest readers because it has a characters that might interest them. I recommend high level readers to read this book for enjoyment.