1 Mama Panya's Pancakes

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Mama Panya's Pancakes

Written by Mary and Rich Chamberlain

Illustrated by Julia Cairns

Reviewed by RG (age 10)

Mama Panya's Pancakes

This story is about where Adika’s mom bakes pancakes for the people who came to their house to eat pancakes. While they were walking to the market, they saw Mzee Odolo so they invited him to come to their house for pancakes. They took a few more steps and there they saw Sawandi and Naiman Adika’s friends and so they invited them too. His mom asked that how many people have we invited in all so for. He said we have invited 5 people so far. They finally got to the market but when they got there Adika spotted another one of his friends, her name was Gamila. He knew that she loved pancakes so he invited her too. They went back home to start their preparations. They all had fun eating pancakes at their house.

My favorite part of this book was where they invited all the people they needed to because they have to do that before they bake the pancakes. It made me think of the time that my sister had her birthday party and she had to invite people to come to the party or they would come or know about the party. In fact there were pictures in this book the pictures really matched the meaning of the page. In the story the mood of the characters did not change, but if the mood had changed it would have been more interesting.

I recommend third graders should read this book it is a really interesting and you can read it in minutes. But people above third grade can enjoy the book too. When you read this book it make you want to eat pancakes. I think that people below third grade should not read this book because they might not understand this book.