1 A day's Work

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A day's Work

Written by Eve Bunting

Illustrated by Ronald Himlet

Reviewed by MC (age 10)

A day's Work

In the book, A Day’s Work, there is a kid with his grandpa finding work for money. They find a job gardening for $60.00. All day they worked hard but they did it wrong and they pulled out all the plants and left the weeds. The man thought they needed money so he offered half, but grandpa didn’t take it. He told him to save it for tomorrow because he is going to put the good plants in and take the weeds out.

I like this book because it tells you that you should work hard on jobs that are important. If I could be any character in the story I would be the little kid because he works hard and gets the job that he has been given done. My favorite part is when the little kid sees that he has the same hat like the guy. This story reminds me of an everyday problem. The colorful illustrations help show me were the characters are.

I think this is a book for first grade and above but if your parents read it to you and you’re not in first grade and above then you’ll like it, I bet. Anyone can read this book because it’s pretty easy. People who work hard and like what they are doing might like this book