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Written by Laurence Yep

Reviewed by Megan E. (age 9)

Do you like Chinese culture?

Moon Shadow is a Chinese boy that went to San Francisco when he was 7. His mom stayed in China but his dad was in San Francisco. Moon Shadow had to move. After he was there for a few days he went outside to dump out the trash.Then out of nowhere some boys started to make fun of him and throw trash at him. Life in San Francisco was hard for Moon Shadow and his dad. His dad wants to fly an airplane and spends a lot of time working towards his dream.

I liked the book because it was interesting. The reason it is interesting is because there was an earthquake like where I live. It was unique because it was a story about a Chinese boy. I felt excited as I read about the exciting adventures that Moon Shadow gets to have with his father.

I recommend this book to people age 8 and up because it is a long book and rather interesting. People that like Chinese culture will also like this book.