1 11 Birthdays

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11 Birthdays

Written by Wendy Mass

Reviewed by Ally H. (age 12)

11 Birthdays

In Wendy Mass's nonsensical story, 11 Birthdays, two friends, Amanda and Leo's, lives change on their tenth birthday. After having their birthdays together, Leo has now made it so their 11th birthday is without each other. This happened because Leo said some mean things to Amanda. Now, they have a bigger problem. Every morning Amanda wakes up to balloons and finds it is her birthday each day over and over again. When she gets to school, feeling insane, she finds out that Leo is going through exactly the same thing. It is his birthday every day, too.

My favorite part of the book is when Amanda figures out that every day being the same is real for her. She is scared until she finds out that her friend, Leo, is going through the same thing.

I liked Amanda's character better because she is my age and she is shy like me. Leo was mean in most of the parts so I did not like his character.

I recommend 11 Birthdays because you would never believe what Amanda goes through. When she has her birthday over and over again, you are feeling what she feels. I am not a person who loves to read, but I could not put this book down all because I wished I knew what was next. I recommend this book to people who love mysteries.