1 Eek! There's a Mouse in the House

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Eek! There's a Mouse in the House

Written by Wong Yee

Illustrated by Wong Herbert Yee

Reviewed by Waskar B (age 8)

The story is about a mouse in the house and a lot of animals that chase each other. They break everything that they see.

The first animal was the mouse chasing the cheese, then the cat chasing the mouse, and then the dog chasing the cat, and then the hog came to eat the cake. The funniest part was when the elephant got scared of the mouse. My favorite parts were when the cat was chasing the fish and when the dog was chasing the cat. I learned that we shouldn't break things like animals.

The pictures are funny because the last part was about the elephant that got scared of the mouse. The book is good and very, very funny. The book reminds me about my cat that died.

I can read my story and my family because my uncle likes to read. Maybe my uncle will be happy or glad. Or the kids will enjoy the book.