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Hunger Games

Written by Suzanne Collins

Reviewed by Nick D. (age 12)

The Hunger Games is about kids being forced into an arena to kill each other as a way for the Capital to keep power over the districts. The Capital has a way of controlling the districts, because the people once rebelled and failed miserably. They randomly select one boy and one girl from each district, which there are twelve of, and take them into an arena with all of the other kids from the district and make them kill each other for entertainment.

Katniss is the main character in this story. It starts when her sister is drafted to the arena, but Katniss takes her place instead, and goes into the arena with a boy that once gave her and her family food so they wouldn’t starve. But you need to read the book for yourself to know what happens next.

Katniss is my favorite character because she always kept her chin up and didn’t give up. My favorite scene was when Katniss helped Rue, her friend in the games, have a funeral that will never be forgotten. I liked that scene because it showed how wrong it was to force the kids to kill each other.

This book is the first of a series, and it is very good but you will have to read this one before you read any of the others. The series is action-packed, but it is hard to understand at times, because of how fast the story can go. This is the best book of the series in my opinion, it's very original and it's like nothing I've ever read before. When I was reading this book it made me think of how hard life must be for the people in the Districts and I wondered if it was ever going to change.

I recommend this book for 13 and older, because of violence, cursing, and creepy descriptions.