1 Stolen Children

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Stolen Children

Written by Peg Kehret

Reviewed by VS (age 10)

Stolen Children

Do you like horror books? How about mystery books? Well get ready because you are about to get sucked into a mixture of both. You might think it is boring but it has some humor in it too. The book I am going to tell you about has all funny parts, mystery parts and scary parts . This book is about a little girl named Kendra and a teen named Amy. Amy the teen baby sits Kendra. One day when Kendra falls asleep Amy also falls asleep. Then later that same day Amy wakes up and she thinks Kendra is still asleep. Amy then chooses to go upstairs to Kendra’s room. Kendra is not there. Amy starts looking for her but she is nowhere. The only thing that she finds is Kendra’s teddy bear and Kendra always carries that teddy bear with her. What happened to Kendra? You will find out later.

What I think was interesting about the book is that Kendra disappeared and how would we know what had happened? Did she escape? Did she get kidnapped? We don’t know. That is why I think it is the most interesting part of the book. The character I liked the most is Kendra because at some point in the book Amy and Kendra have to act and Kendra honks a horn. While she is honking the horn she starts acting crazy. I also like her the most because Kendra is the most funny and active character in the book. What I liked about the book was everything except some little parts. I like is that Kendra is funny and every time you read a page you never want to stop. What I didn’t like about the book is that it was really long and one of the times that Amy and Kendra act. The book made me wonder what would happen next every time I read a page. If you like mystery, funny, or horror books I recommend this book to you. Even though it is more of a mystery book you will like it because it is extremely funny and scary. You will feel as if you are in the book.