1 The Pigman

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The Pigman

Written by Paul Zindel

Reviewed by Tyreek W. (age 14)

The Pigman

One of the main themes of the book, The Pigman, was guilt, and it was played out by the the three characters, John Conlan, Lorraine Jensen, and Mr. Pignati. One of the times they experience guilt was when John and Lorraine were upset because they took part in stealing money from Mr. Pignati. To make themselves feel better, they agreed to go to the zoo with him. They discovered, to their surprise, that they have been lucky to get to know the real Mr. Pignati. What else do John and Lorraine discover?

I think the book is really good and I did like it because the situations really could happen. Lorraine is the character I found most interesting because she is a strong personality. I felt like I knew what would happen next and this book kept my attention the whole time I was reading.

I would recommend this book because it shows you how you might misjudge a person and never get to know the real person.