1 The Kid's Big Mistake

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The Kid's Big Mistake

Written by Rachel Fields

Reviewed by Heavon P. (age 14)

The Kid's Big Mistake

The book is about a fast kid named Reuben who loves to play football, but makes a big mistake. Reuben was born with a heart defect and his mom, Maggie, consequently becomes over protective of Reuben. Reuben desperately wants to play football but his mother refuses to allow it. Reuben sneaks off and begins to play for a team where he is known as "the kid." Then, during an important game, Reuben runs for a touchdown and ,wham, suddenly collapses and is rushed to the hospital. How will Reuben's mother be contacted? And, will Reuben survive this ordeal?

It's a great story and it has many good points in it. My favorite part was when Reuben got injured because I knew something big was going to happen after that. Reuben reminded me of myself because he stayed determined and that's how I am about certain things. One time I suffered a bad injury but I was still determined to play through the pain. I think it was interesting that the author built things up and made me want to read more. Then the author would spring a big event out of nowhere.

I think everybody should really read this book because it is about determination. Whether you are a boy or a girl, a football player or a game-player, determination gets you through some tough times. You will enjoy reading about Reuben's journey.