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Pizza Pizzazz!

Written by Carol Losi

Illustrated by Jackie Snider

Reviewed by Brigitt T. (age 7)

Pizza Pizzazz!

Pizza Pizzazz is a funny book. This book has funny sentences! Mario gives out pizza with different toppings. Some people like cheese pizzas. Some people like different pizzas. This book teaches us fractions. When people come to Pizza Planet, Mario cuts the pizza and gives out the slices and makes sure there are equal pieces for everyone.

I liked looking at all the different pizzas. My favorite part was when Mario made the different pizzas with the different toppings for all different people and split them evenly. They were funny toppings like ice cream on the pizza! I like this book because it is fun and teaches about fractions.

I recommend that my cousin Diana reads this book because she lives on a farm and grows food.