1 Major League Melissa

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Major League Melissa

Written by Gibbs Davis

Illustrated by George Urich

Reviewed by Thomas F. (age 9)

Major League Melissa

Meet Walter and Melissa on the "Never Sink Nine" baseball team and Augie of the "Drill" team. Somebody stole Melissa?s play horses and she wants to find out who. In this book the "Never Sink Nine" baseball team and the "Drill" team have a baseball game, and in the middle of the game Walter calls timeout because he thinks he knows who stole Melissa?s play horses. Who do you think stole Melissa?s play horses? You will find the answer if you read the book.

I recommend this book to people who like to watch baseball or to read about baseball. This is a great book for people who like books that are written by Gibbs Davis. I also recommend this book for people who like illustrations because there are many in this book.

The lesson to be learned in this book is: that if you are bad, good things will not come to you.

If you read "Major League Melissa" I hope you enjoy it because I did.