1 Penguins

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Written by Smith

Reviewed by Emily (age 7)


The mother penguin passes the egg to the father penguin so she can get food from the sea. When the mother penguin comes back, the father penguin goes to get food from the sea. When the baby penguins hatch, they sit on their fathers’ feet so they don’t slip on the ice. When they grow a little bit taller, they stay together to stay warm. When they get bigger, they can do things by themselves like go in the ocean to get food and slide on their bellies. There are all different kinds of penguins. The emperor penguin is the biggest of all the penguins. He is as big as me! Penguins have ways to protect themselves. Penguins are interesting animals. Penguins are smart animals.

I liked this book because I love penguins. They are my favorite animals in the world. They are really smart and they know what to do when they are in trouble and when they want to catch food. I liked the pictures of penguins. The baby penguins are small and cute.

I should give this book to Jesus because Jesus laughs a lot. He likes penguins too, especially the cute babies! Everyone should read this book because it can tell you all about penguins.