1 The Fox and the Goat

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The Fox and the Goat

Written by Elizabeth Adams

Illustrated by Milo Winter

Reviewed by Chun Yip L. (age 7)

The Fox and the Goat

It’s about a thristy fox that fell in a hole when trying to have a drink. The fox couldn't get out. The bad fox told tricked the goat to jump in with him and the fox jumped on the goat's back and escaped. But,when the goat couldn't get out of the hole the fox did not save the fox.

My favourite part is the goat fell in the hole and the fox didn't save the goat because the fox was going home. It was very exciting. My favourite character is the fox because he tricked the goat but he is very mean. It is a very clever book that all young boys and girls would like. It is very nice.