1 Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars

Written by Sara Shepard

Reviewed by Evie P. (age 11)

Pretty Little Liars

The story Pretty Little Liars is about teenage girls named Allison Dilurentis, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, and Hanna Marine. Allison one day goes missing. Two years later her family moved away. The other girls grew farther apart. Then school started and they were in ninth grade. That's when the blackmail started from -A.

The girl Alli wasn't dead. It was her twin sister. The girls dicovered that after the new owners of her house are building a tennies court and find her body in the ground. Alli killed her sister because Alli's sister was a mental patient and was going to the hospital for help but instead, Alli got sent. Alli's so called killer was killed by a person in black.

The person in black turned out to be one of the mean girls Hanna hung out with. Mona was her name. She was also the blackmailer. When the he girls found out, Mona disappeard and they never saw her again. Some thought she died and others thought she moved, but only the girls knew what really happened to her.

I wouldn't have changed anything in the story because I thought it was perfect the way it was. My favorite part of the story is when everyone was searching for Ali because it was exciting. My favorite character is Spencer because she plays a big part in the story. My least favorite character is Mona because she is mean to everyone.

This story doesn't relate to my life because my friends are nice to me. There aren't any pictures in the book, but that's okay because you don't need them. I think others should read this story because it has an interesting and complex plot where everything keeps changing.