1 Favorite Pets

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Favorite Pets

Written by Cathy Jones

Illustrated by Getty Images

Reviewed by Catherine C. (age 8)

Favorite Pets

Favorite Pets teaches you how to treat your pets properly. It helps you to see which pet is best for you. It explains what foods you should feed your pets. It helps you to get to know your pet and what you should do when it’s sick. The genre is non- fiction.

I like this book because it has a lot of pictures of cute animals and a lot of facts. My favorite part of this book was about learning about cats. There was one picture of a cat that looked like a cat that I own. This book reminded me of a cat I used to have but I had to give it away because I was allergic to it.

The people I would recommend this book to are people who love pets and want to learn facts about them.