1 The Fellowship of the Rings

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The Fellowship of the Rings

Written by J.R.R. Tolkien

Reviewed by Noah E. (age 10)

The Fellowship of the Rings

Do you like books that are interesting? Then you will love “The Fellowship of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien. There are eight main characters-four hobbits, two men, an elf-friend and a guy named Legolas. They are on a quest to destroy the ring because it has too much power. They all had to work together on this dangerous adventure because some of them had different opinions and some of them hated each other. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be able to complete the quest. They have many dangers along the way.

This book is the first book in the series “The Lord of the Rings”. I think it is a one of a kind book because of the characters. Where else can you find a tale with hobbits? My favorite part is when somebody tried to take the ring from Frodo so they could use it. He got away but now they're on another journey. Some of it was from my life and those parts are when they were out on the water and when they were in the woods. That comes with my life because I kayak and I go though the woods sometimes.

I think that a person in 5th grade or above should read this book. It is very interesting but it is also harder to read so it may be too hard for some. A person who doesn't mind reading a long time would be okay since it is also pretty long. The characters make the story interesting because they are funny looking.