1 Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars

Written by Sara Shepard

Reviewed by Mackenzie D. (age 11)

Pretty Little Liars

The book Pretty Little Liars is very interesting. In this book former best friends Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer all have something to hide. Spencer steals everything from her sister, Aria feels a little too strongly about her new AP teacher, Emily is flirting with the new girl and Hanna does some horrible things to stay pretty.

Sarah Shepard makes things so real. As I was reading I felt like I was there. This could happen in the real world because your best friend could die and you could get anonymous text messages. I love the characters, especially Arial becaue she is dating the teacher and her family is breaking up. I like the writing style because it shows their thoughts, what's going on and their actions. When I got done with each chapter I wanted to keep on reading.

I would strongly recommend this book because of the characters and plot. I like it because Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily are doing some bad things. And the plot is four former best friends who start getting anonymous messages. Well I shouldn't tell you because you need to find out for yourself. If you're a reader who likes mystery and suspense this is the book for you. Sara Shepard leaves you cliff hangers especially if something important happens. I think you should try it!