1 Nightmare on Horror Street

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Nightmare on Horror Street

Written by R.L. Stine

Reviewed by Alex T. (age 10)

Nightmare on Horror Street

This book is about a boy named Greg who is in middle school. Greg has a rival that he hates named Dave. Dave always beats Greg at everything. Dave is faster, stronger, has more friends and he even can jump farther than Greg. So now you can see why they are rivals and why Dave is such a pain in the neck to Greg.

When it is Halloween, Greg and Dave have a contest to see who can have the scariest costume and who can get the most candy. When they met in front of Dave's house Greg was wearing a wolf costume that stunk and had fake bugs all over it. Dave was wearing a wolf costume but with two heads that stunk even more and had real wolf hair with real bugs in it.

When it was time for the competition to start for who got the most candy, they stormed to every house. Dave did not go to one block that Greg did called Horror Street. At the first house that he came across, he got a magic bag from an old lady that made ten copies of whatever was put inside. There was a problem with whatever was put in the bag. When it was multiplied whatever was put in the bag was not as good.

I like this book because there is a lot of competition and it was really funny when Greg's cat went into the bag and was multiplied so that they were also acting like tigers and lions. Greg had an idea to get the neighbor's dog and multiply the dog to scare the cats away but things did not go as planned. I also like the book because of the humor.

I think that the book that I had read before called "Seven Spiders Spinning" was a better book than this one because it had more detail and action. I don't like this book as much because mainly it is just about a paper bag.