1 In the City of Dreams

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In the City of Dreams

Written by Tony Abbott

Illustrated by Roy Fitzgerald

Reviewed by Marykaye V. (age 11)

In the City of Dreams

In the world of Droon is where these three kids: Eric, Neal, and Julie go when they are called for help. Well the last time Eric was in an epic battle, he was wounded and now lays in a coma inside of a secret tower. A princess, named Keeah. and some monster like characters care for him. When Neal and Julie receive a secret message from a magic soccer ball, from Droon, they are suddenly worried and rush to see Eric. Eric is somehow trapped in a dream world between fantasy and reality. So it leaves Princess Keeah, Neal, and Julie to find a cure to heal Eric.

I like the book because it is filled with fantasy and adventure. My favorite part is when Eric rode a gigantic dragon in the City of Dreams. If I had the chance to ride a dragon, it would be awesome. Also, there are numerous illustrations that show the emotions of the characters.

One of the characters I found interesting was Eric because he trusts his friends. He reminds me a little of myself because I trust that my friends are loyal and will never leave me.

I recommend this book because it is filled with adventure. There are many books that have adventure, but in my opinion this story is unique. I think the readers would most enjoy the part when Eric is changed while he is in the dragon. It felt like a race.