1 The Cheese

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The Cheese

Written by Margie Palatini

Illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher

Reviewed by Nick M. (age 8)

This story is about a rat who tries to get the cheese. Animals and people try to stop him because the cheese stands alone. They all realize that it is a silly thing that the cheese stands alone. You should read to see what happens after they realize that.

My favorite part is when the rat pretends to just go for a walk. The cat is very clever so it catches the rat, but then the cat decides to go with the rat. The rat changes by letting animals come with him. The book made me feel happy sometimes and sometimes sad. It made me feel happy when the rat let them join him, but it made me feel sad a little bit at the end. I like the book because it made me laugh.

I recommend the book to kids ages 3-8. I recommend the book since it is a spectacular book and it has beautiful paintings and not drawings for the pictures illustrations.