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Written by Green Tim

Reviewed by Will B (age 10)

Rivals by Tim Green is about Josh Leblanc, the heavy hitter, going to Cooperstown for the championship with his team, the Titans. Josh’s rival, famous Mickey Mullen and his son Mickey Mullen Jr., and their team the Comets are in the championship with the Titans. Josh meets a cranky old umpire with a bad temper who calls bad calls and a mean bodyguard. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out in Tim Green’s exciting baseball thriller Rivals.

I think Rivals is a super descriptive and funny book. I love it because it’s about baseball and I love baseball. My favorite part is when Josh gets hit by the ball because its the most descriptive part in the book. I like Josh because he never gives up. He is like me because I never give up when I play sports . The book reminds me of an event in my life too. Once i got a go-ahead walk-off triple to win the All Star game 6-5.

I would recommend this book to baseball fans because it’s about the Little League World Series. Interesting parts in the book are exciting description at the games, the umpire’s house, and Mickey Mullen Jr.’s personality. Tim Green’s spectacular writing style make this book a rival with other baseball books.