1 Scamper and the Horse Show

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Scamper and the Horse Show

Written by Jessie Haas

Illustrated by Margot Apple

Reviewed by Becca T (age 8)

Scamper and the Horse Show

In the book, Scamper and the Horse Show, my horse, Scamper and me are going to a horse show. At the horse show we are judged on beauty and on form. We can't wait to go on the trail ride. It's like going on an adventure in the forest. We wash Scamper and we dry Scamper. We think Scamper is dry, but Scamper doesn't think he is dry. Scamper rolls around in the mud. Scamper now feels dry but he gets very mucky.

At the horse show, Scamper misbehaves. He bucks when he is supposed to canter. In costume class it rains on Scamper's costume. Now Scamper is even more diry! We try to scrub it out with a wet brush. It doesn't come out. Will Scamper win the blue? Find out more about Scamper and the horse show.

My favorite character is Scamper because he is funny. Whenever he was washed, he would get dirty again by rolling around in the dirt. I liked the illustrations because they were done in colored pencil and the characters were traced in black marker so that they stood out in the background. This book made me wonder how hard competition with horses was because they can buck up in the air to make the rider lose points. It might be scary to do this because you never know what could happen.

I recommend this book for people who like horses and competition because it has heart and adventure in the ring.