1 Life Cycle of a Spider

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Life Cycle of a Spider

Written by Bobbie Kalman

Reviewed by Tyler C. (age 7)

Life Cycle of a Spider

This story is about spiders. Spiders are good specimens and they help humans. They eat insects; big ones eat lizards and lots of other stuff. In fact, they can eat stuff bigger than they are. They use venom to kill prey. Scientists are using venom to help people.

This book I read was about spiders. I liked this book about spiders because it told me interesting facts. The book reminded of the time I saw a tarantula. I got to touch it! As I read the book I felt like we need to be green and take good care of spiders. Spiders eat insects; without spiders, we may be overrun with insects!

I recommend this book to anybody who likes spiders. I think this book is good because it has hard words. The photos that they used for illustrations also made the book really good. I think my friend would like the book because I’ve known him since kindergarten and I know he likes spiders. I think the part when it talks about venom would be his favorite part.