1 The Little Red Hen

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The Little Red Hen

Written by Byron Barton

Illustrated by Byron Barton

Reviewed by Noortje K. (age 6)

The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen wants to make bread, but the duck, the cat and the pig don't want to help.

I like the book because the little chicks help their mother. I like the Little Red Hen, and also the baby chicks because they are nice and they are helping their mother. I don't think the other animals are nice because they are lazy, and they don't want to do anything. The chicks and the Little Red Hen work a lot. They are good and they're smart and strong. I like the pictures because they have beautiful colors, and bright colors.

This is a good book for little children who are five, and for big kids, and for babies. For everyone!