1 Factory Girl

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Factory Girl

Written by Barbara Greenwood

Reviewed by Charlotte P. (age 8)

Factory Girl

In this exciting story of an immigrant girl you are exposed through photographs to the horror of how poor immigrants lived in little boxes and small tenement houses. Thanks to the photographers Hines and Riis, people in the early part of the twentieth century became aware of how some people were living in extreme poverty. Hines and Riis were the first people to show us how immigrants lived.

In Factory Girl, Emily Watson is the main character. Emily’s dad is away and every month he sends his family $10.00 to pay for the house and food. Then one day her dad stops sending money. To find out why, you need to read this heart breaking account of life as an immigrant.

I like the part in Factory Girl when the Watson family unexpectedly got sent $15.00. It was exciting because they were so poor. It made me feel good inside that they got some help. I like this book because it tells you facts about immigrant life and how a little girl survived many hardships. This book was fascinating. The character changes, because in the beginning she is an immature girl and at the end she becomes a mature grown up girl.

I recommend this book to kids ages 8-95. I also recommend it to people who like history and are interested in immigration. I really hope you like this great book.