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Christopher MOuse

Written by William Wise

Reviewed by Taki S. (age 10)

Christopher MOuse

Christopher is a two month old mouse living in a mouse breeding shop. He has a French mother who is teaching him to read and write from the newspaper at the bottom of the cage. One day, a little boy named Frankie came into the shop and said he wanted the cute little sleeping mouse. That mouse was Christopher. Christopher thought Frankie was going to be a good owner.

When Frankie takes Christopher home, he treats him with care. He goes to the library and studies on what Christopher likes the best. Frankie lets Christopher run around his desk for exercise. Christopher loves his new owner with a passion. He feeds him well, plays with him, and talks to him. Christopher is currently being treated like a prince.

One day, Frankie's friend calls and wants to buy Christopher. The friend's name is Aubery Sharpe III. Aubery is a merchant, who buys things at a price and sells them at a higher price. Aubrey buys Christopher from Frankie. That day, the boys have a field trip. Christopher is in Aubrey's pocket in a match box. When they get to the destination, Christopher escapes and runs off while Aubrey is not watching. He lives to be 32 years old and dies in Hartford.

I wouldn't have changed anything in the book because it makes perfect sense. My favorite part is when Christopher escapes because it is very exciting. Frankie is my favorite character because he is a very good pet owner. Aubrey is my least favorite character because he is a scammer.

This book does not relate to my life. It does not have any pictures to help tell the story. It is a very exciting book. I would recommend this book for ages 8-12.