1 Twilight

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Written by Stephenie Meyer

Reviewed by Rashid M. (age 14)


The story of the book is about how a human girl moves to a little town in USA called Forks to live with her dad. When she gets there in a new school she meets a new guy and falls in love with him at first sight. But he’s a little bit different, well not a little bit; he is really different from the others. He and his family are vampires.

Twilight is one of the most popular books of these times. I liked it very much because the plot is very interesting and breathe taking. There are many interesting parts in the book, but the best part was the part where the vampires and Bella play baseball together. It’s absolutely insane. The characters of the book are very interesting and mysterious especially the Cullen family and the Black family. They all are very mysterious and have a lot of histories, secrets and myths and apparently some of it did really exist. The authors writing style is very easy to understand because the language Stephanie Meyer uses is very simple and understandable. It is very modern. The actual plot of the book is very unique. All teenagers over the world, I’m sure, have read this book and liked it very much. There is even a movie based on it. It is not like any other books I have read, there are maybe some stories looking like this, but there’s no book written as perfectly as this. This Twilight Saga has 4 different series and each one of them is original.

I recommend this book for all teenagers because it is actually written for them and the story is actually very expressive. Not only teenagers would like to read these series of books but also some adults. The plot of the story is very impressive and the authors writing style is fabulous so it very easy to understand the whole book.