1 Buddy's Song

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Buddy's Song

Written by Nigel Hinton

Illustrated by Beverly Levy

Reviewed by Ilham R. (age 14)

Buddy's Song

If you are a music lover, then this book is for you! Buddy's song is a really deep storied book. It has a lot of interesting facts about a young musician, whose parents are broken up. The plot of the story goes back to the 90's, when adults dressed up like Teddy Boys. These people had a special type of clothing, and even had a different haircut. Buddy's father was one of them, but he was a thief. One day he was caught by police, and was put in prison. While Buddy and his mom lived alone, his father was in prison, only because of his friend Des King. Buddy starts to write songs, and his father really likes them. In the middle of the book, Buddy's father comes out of the prison, and they make a band, with Buddy's friends and Terry (Buddy's Father) being their manager. They sing a lot in different clubs, and to find out what happens in the end, you should read it yourself. The message of the book is that you should not stop working and making progress, depending on your environment.

I really liked this book. It has a deep and interesting story. The main character is really brave, and doesn’t stop doing his work, even though his parents are broken up. My favorite part was when Buddy composed his first song. He didn’t think that it is so good, but when he showed it to his dad, he was amazed. This book is unique. I never have read any book with a deep storyline like this. This book is a serial book. It has a lot of parts, all of them are interesting and attractive, but the most powerful story is in Buddy's Song. While reading this book, I had a lot of feelings, for example feel of being alone, having a family which is broken up. This book hooks you up into the story and you can feel what main characters feel.

I really recommend this book to people that are interested in music, and those who want to read a book with a deep story. The most interesting thing that you will like is the unique storyline of the book.