1 Number the Stars

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Number the Stars

Written by Lois Lowry

Reviewed by Avery B. (age 11)

Number the Stars

It starts off with a simple run to the end of the block. From that point on it gets more dangerous…….Annemarie and her friend Ellen get stopped by German soldiers. They are questioned by them and they had a feeling that something was wrong. They were right, but they did not get an award for being right. Annemarie’s mother, Inge, was scared to death. The German military was trying to get rid of all the Jews. Sadly for Ellen she was a Jew. Luckily, Annemarie had a brave family and although it was hard, Annemarie and her family would do anything to help them. Will someone get KILLED?

The reason I like this book is it shows how friendship can survive threw the most terrible disasters and how two friends would go to the ends of the Earth to protect each other. Annemarie is my favorite character because of how brave she is. I wish I could be as brave as she is. The coolest thing about this book was how much the author puts all the war into it the story. I LOVE this book because it is different and not like any other books I have read.

This book has thrills and chills. I totally think everyone should read this book. It has the power to make your hair rise up and make your socks blow off! If you love adventure you will love this book and the war part of this book brings older tragedy to our modern day world. Do you think you can handle the surprises on every page? If you can, check out Number the Stars today!