1 Magic School Bus: Color Day Relay

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Magic School Bus: Color Day Relay

Written by Gail Herman

Illustrated by Hope Gangloff

Reviewed by Elliott L. (age 7)

Magic School Bus:   Color Day Relay

This book is about Mrs. Frizzle’s class competing in Color Day. During Color Day races and activities, the students learn about why different things, like the sun, are the color they are. They had to know stuff about colors to get points. Some of the kids didn’t know much, but they learned a lot along the way. At the end of Color Day the red team, the blue team, and the green team had all tied. I liked this book. It was funny and exciting. It was also weird because Arnold said, I knew I should have stayed home today.” The outside of the book was colorful, but the illustrations were all black and white. I thought it was strange that a book about color didn’t have color illustrations. I recommend this book because it was funny. I think my brother would like it because he likes books. He especially likes interesting books, and he would probably think this book was interesting because it teaches you a lot about color and about the sun.