1 Sister Spirit

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Sister Spirit

Written by Thalia Kalkipsakis

Illustrated by Ash Oswald

Reviewed by Marlee A. (age 8)

Sister Spirit

This is a story about the adventures of two sisters, Hannah and Cassie. One day Hannah and Cassie were watching TV and a hair show came on. Hannah decided to cut Cassie’s hair because she looked like a baby with long hair, and Cassie agreed. The girls got in serious trouble. Then to pay back Hannah for cutting her hair and getting her in trouble, Cassie made Hannah believe in ghosts. Hannah started crying about hearing about ghosts and Cassie finally told her it was she. I think I like this book, but it was a very short and did not give me a lot of details. My favorite part was when Hannah cut off a piggy tail of her sister, Cassie. It was so drama-y! One of the characters, Hannah, reminded me of my little sister Maddie because she likes to cut her hair. One time my little sister almost cut my grandmother’s roommate’s hair. Hannah changed in the story. When she first cut her sister’s hair she did not apologize. Later, though, she changed and told her sister she did not mean to. I recommend this book because it has good characters and a good story. I think my sister would like this to read this book because she likes to cut her hair and others’ hair, too. I think she’d really like the part when Hannah cuts off one of her sister’s piggytails.