1 The Secret School

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The Secret School

Written by Avi

Reviewed by Carlos V. (age 10)

The Secret School

This book is about an eighth grade girl. When her teacher has to go to Iowa, the school has to be shut down. But when her friend, Tom, has an idea about a secret school she has to become the teacher! But there is one problem, a trouble maker named Herbert Bixler. Do you think the school will stay a secret?

My favorite part was when they put the mule inside the wardrobe. The mule started braying! I thought the book was funny because Ida's car got stuck in the mud. The special part about the book is that all the main characters are children. Kids Rule! I wondered how the book would end.

I would recommend the book because it's funny and it has suspense. I would recommend this book to kids grades 4-8 because there are hard words with context clues. If you're interested in school in 1925, you should read this book.