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Magic Theif

Written by Sarah Prineas

Illustrated by Sarah Prineas

Reviewed by Niketh V. (age 10)

This book is about a kid named Conn who steals a locus magicalicus (a stone that is used to focus magic). But when it was supposed to kill him it doesn't, so he is still alive. Nevery (the wizard who owns the locus magicalicus) takes him in as his apprentice. But, while this is happening the magic is weakening. The Magisters give Conn 30 days to find his locus magicalicus. Will Conn find his locus magicalicus and what will happen to the magic level?

I like this book because it's filled with humor and action. My favorite part is when Conn stole the locus magicalicus. I like this part because it begins the whole story, and it made me want to keep on reading. I also liked the ending when he stops a machine from sucking in all of the magic. If owned this machine I would store some magic and I would use the magic to help people. I would help people whose houses were destroyed by fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, or landslides.

I recommend this book for anyone who likes fantasy and mystery. They would like this book because of all of the magic in the book. The mystery part is that the characters have to find out what is happening with the magic. Third, fourth and fifth grade students would like this book.