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DW Big Boss

Written by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Pablo P (age 7)

DW Big Boss

Dw was feeling bossy. Her father was making a cake. DW said to her dad the cake needs more sugar or it will taste yuck. DW went to her Mom’s office and told her Mom she wants her office to be a mess. DW was being bossy with the baby. DW went to bed and Arthur was reading a story for her, but she complained that Arthur’s voices all sound the same. DW asked where her breakfast was the next morning. “Nothing,” said her dad, “I’m afraid I’ll do it wrong”. DW was rushing to mom’s office and said “You’re not dressed. We’re going to be late for my play date.” DW said Mom and Dad are acting weird. DW said this family needs more help than I thought. DW said to Arthur you could read me another story. And Arthur said his throat does feel a little better. DW wasn’t bossy anymore.

This book is very good because she is not bossy anymore. My favorite part is when DW said to mom “mess up your office”. It is funny. The next morning she did not see her breakfast. It was a little bit sad. The book was full of many crazy events that made me laugh. It was an interesting family story that was little out of the ordinary.

I would recommend this book to moms and their children. It teaches children that they can’t always get their way and the importance of listening. Moms will like it because it’s a story that they can relate to. It’s one of those books that a family could gather around and read together. It’s just a good family story and everybody needs to read this book at least once.