1 The Big, Wide-Mouthed Frog

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The Big, Wide-Mouthed Frog

Written by Ana Martin Larranaga

Illustrated by Ana Martin Larranaga

Reviewed by Brittini B. (age 7)

The Big, Wide-Mouthed Frog

There is a big wide-mouthed frog, and he goes off to see the world. He is a pest. He hops up to different animals and asks them "Who are you and what do you eat". Every animal answers his questions. The kangaroo eats grass, and the koala eats leaves. The wide-mouthed frog continues on. He also meets an opossum and an emu. He asks them the same quistions "Who are you and what do you eat". After each animal's reply, the wide-mouthed frogs say "I am a wide-mouth forgs and I eat flies". This continues until he meets a crocodile and asks him "Who are you and what do you eat". The crocodile answers the wide-mouth frog and tells him that he is a crocodile he eats wide-mouthed frogs. The wide-mouthed frog reply is different this time. The wide-mouthed frog tells the crocodile that he is a samll-mouthed frog and hops away.

This is a silly story. The wide-mouth frog is so funny. I enjoyed reading this book. I have read it many times. When I read this story to my parents, we like to make up a silly voice for the wide-mouthed frog.

I would like other kids to read this book too. I think they should make up a silly voice for the wide-mouthed frog too.