1 It's Okay to be Different

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It's Okay to be Different

Written by Todd Parr

Illustrated by Todd Parr

Reviewed by John H (age 7)

Do you like books about being different? The book is about being different. The girl is blind. The bunny has long ears. The boy is eating macaroni and cheese in the bathtub. This book explains how people are different, and that it is okay.

I didn’t like the book because it was boring. They were saying it’s okay to be different alot of times. I didn’t like the pictures because the paint was too colorful. My favorite part was when the boy was eating macaroni and cheese in the bathtub, because it’s funny. Sometimes I feel different from my cousin because he makes me laugh, and I can’t make him laugh.

I recommend this book to people of all ages who are different, so that they can feel happy about being different.