1 Bats at the Library

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Bats at the Library

Written by Brian Lies

Illustrated by Brian Lies

Reviewed by Adrian C (age 11)

Do you like funny books? This book is about bats that love to go to the library to play and read stories at night. The characters are bats. The bats did many funny things like playing tag, reading, swimming in fountains, and making shadow puppets. One of the ways that they play is that they make shadow puppets. The book is showing the reader that the library is a fun place to hang out and read different books. Bats look like little mice with wings.

If you don’t understand what the Author says, the pictures can give you a hint. I think the book is funny because bats are messing around, playing, and reading in the library. My favorite part is when the bats made a shadow puppet. The book makes me wonder if bats are smart enough to go to the library? I like to read this book because I like funny books about bats.

I recommend this book, because it is funny. I would recommend this book to Diana because she like funny books, and because she loves bats.