1 Number the Stars

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Number the Stars

Written by Lois Lowry

Reviewed by Lizbeth M. (age 9)

Number the Stars

Annemarie and Ellen were racing to see who got home first, until they were stopped by two Nazi soldiers. Then Annemarie’s sister, Kirsti, told everything that happened to Mama and Ellen’s mom. Annemarie’s mom and Ellen’s mom got worried. In Number the Stars, one of the themes is injustice because the people in Denmark can’t have what they want, like butter, because of the war. The Nazis took all of it for their soldiers. The people that lived in Denmark had to be home by eight o’clock every night. Nazis only wanted there to be people that looked like them and believed in their beliefs. They didn’t want Jewish people.

I loved this book because there was a lot of action. Annemarie and her family are brave. Kirsti is hilarious and feisty. Kirsti reminded me of myself because I ask too many questions in the middle of the stories, too. Annemarie changed because she realized how badly the Nazis treated the Jewish people. It made me feel scared and nervous about what was going to happen to the characters. I wondered if they were going to die, but if you want to know you have to read the book.

I recommend this book to fourth graders and up. I don’t think 3rd graders or lower should read this book because they may not understand it. There are still people that lived during that time, and they should read the book, too. I think you should read this book because it makes you feel nervous and incredibly scared during some parts. It makes you feel like if you have gone back in time.