1 My Secret Boyfriend

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My Secret Boyfriend

Written by Lurlene McDaniel

Reviewed by Cheyenne H. (age 12)

My Secret Boyfriend

Have you ever went on vacation and came back and all your friends came back to school with boy friends? Do you ever feel like all your friends are keeping something from you? Did you ever lie and just that one little lie became one big mess? How do you think this book will turn out?

This book is about a girl named Jordan and how one little fib that she told turns into a big mess. This fib is not just any fib this is a lie that changes her whole life. Jordan is a very wise girl she just needs to learn how to control her lies. When she tells all her friends that she has a boyfriend they all want to meet him. Do you think that her friends will meet?

This book reminds me of a time I told my mom I was going to the beach and went to my friend's house instead. My mom has always told me that I need to tell her when I go somewhere else. This book also reminds me of my little cousin because I am always telling lies to cover him because of how strict his parents are. I remember the time that his cousin, Colten, and I had to take him away from his parents because they got so mad at him for not cleaning his room up.

When reading this book you might get a little frustrated while reading it. When I read this book I wanted to reach into the book and knock some sense into Jordan, because she is such a lier. She is making up a new lie every day telling her friends lies. This is probably the most worst kind of lie that you would want to tell because it can cause you to lose a lot of friends. Doing this might make people very mad at you. Jordan is always telling her friends a new lie and each time she tells a lie she is getting into a bigger mess, which gets her into a bigger mess that is not the best thing to do when you are already in a mess. I would recommend that this book is only read by grades six and up because of the content of the book.