1 Hank Zipzer, Day of the Iguana

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Hank Zipzer, Day of the Iguana

Written by Henry Winkler

Reviewed by David R. (age 12)

Hank Zipzer, Day of the Iguana

The Day of the Iguana is about a kid named Hank Zipzer. He is part of a magic group called Magik3. They go to preform at his aunt's house. Hank is supposed to tape a show for his friend. Then they go home and Hank notices he forgot to tape the show. Hank has a project to do and he takes apart a cable box. He can't put it back together. Hank has a choice to either buy a new one or to fix the one he broke. Something happens to Hank's sister's iguana, but you will have to read the book to find out.

I like Hank because he is very smart and does not realize it. He is smart in a different way. He can get himself out of anything. I like this book because it's very interesting and once you read the title, it makes you wonder what's going to happen. It also is a good series because all the books are funny and when you start to read the books you can't stop. Henry Winkler is a good writer and the author of this book. He is a good writer because he will make you laugh nonstop and keeps you guessing what's going to happen next.

I recommend this book to people who like to laugh because this is a funny book. I think if you're ages 10-15 you might want to read this book.