1 The Ghosts of Cougar Island

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The Ghosts of Cougar Island

Written by Peggy Parish

Illustrated by Debroh Chabrian

Reviewed by Anna R. (age 8)

The Ghosts of Cougar Island

This book is about three kids on an island during the summer. The kids get involved with a lot of mysteries like trying to find where Mrs. Hawkins kitten was. Mrs. Hawkins went to Mainland for a couple of hours on errands, and when she came back the kitten was gone. One thing they did is to let the kids go to Cougar Island alone, with no adults. I think that Grandma should have had Grandpa go with Liza, Bill, and Jed to Cougar Island.

One big idea in the story is to not always believe what you see because it might turn out to be different than what you thought, and it might go wrong.

One lesson in the story is that you should always listen carefully for someone yelling for help. My favorite part was when Liza, Bill, and Jed found three children on Cougar Island and brought them home to Liza, Bill, and Jed's grandparents.

The reason I liked that part was because Liza, Bill, and Jed were being caring, and I like caring people. There were illustrations, and I liked them a lot because they were detailed and they helped tell the story. During the book I got worried and sometimes scared. It made me wonder what was going to happen next.

I recommend this book because it is very good and detailed. I think the pictures describe what's going on during the book. I think second graders through fourth graders would like the book because it is very mysterious.