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Written by Cynthia Lord

Reviewed by Emily R. (age 12)


Cynthia Lord wrote a book about a girl named Catherine who has an autistic brother named David who bothered her non-stop. It was a very weird life for Catherine. One day Catherine heard her parents talking about new neighbors moving in next door. The next day their mom took David and Catherine to David's Occupational Therapy and met a boy named Jason. Jason couldn't walk or talk, but he had a book full of words to help him talk. A couple days later, the new neighbors moved in. Catherine couldn't wait to meet the new neighbor girl. Then Catherine's mom made Catherine invite the neighbors over for a barbecue, but Ryan, a kid who rides her bus, was there and didn't have the nerve to, so she invites them over some other time. Then, Catherine finally gets to meet the new neighbor girl. They get to be friends later on.

Rules by Cynthia Lord is very good because it's one of those kinds of books that you just want to keep reading. My favorite part was the end because that is when Catherine changes the most and is more fun. I thought Catherine changed the most because Jason changed her. Catherine reminds me of myself because I have a brother who is really, really annoying. And I always think it's funny when David embarrasses himself!

I would recommend this book to 9-13 year olds.It is 200 pages long. I hope you like the book as much as I did!!!