1 Flying Solo

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Flying Solo

Written by Ralph Fletcher

Reviewed by Arnol O. (age 12)

Flying Solo

The students in this class think it's a normal school day. No. It's an exciting school day. No teacher. No sub. Sounds like the best school day ever, or is it? Rachel doesn't talk for six months. Bastian has moved eight times. Does he move this time? Why is there no sub or teacher? Read to find out. I feel like a detective when I read this book because when I get to an end of a chapter I find a question. When I find an answer, I find another question. The character that I found most interesting has to be Sean because we have a similar life. Our fathers act the same way, our dad's girlfriends act like moms, and I sometimes skip breakfast. The character I thought changed the most is Bastian. The way I thought he changed is he was mean and made fun of everybody at first. Now he's open a little bit and not so hard on people. My favorite part of the book was the rock ritual because it seems no other school does it today or any other ritual.

I recommend this book to people between the ages of 7-17. If you the like exciting books, then this is the book for you.