1 Three Samurai Cats

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Three Samurai Cats

Written by Eric Kimmel

Illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein

Reviewed by Kenneth J. (age 14) & Travis A. (age 15)

This book's main characters are a rat, three cats, the docho, and the daimyo. The setting is a castle in Japan. The problem is that the rat won't leave the castle. Why? The rat moves into the castle and takes over. He is a big problem since he is messy, he eats all of the food, and he bothers the servants. The daimyo is upset so he goes to the docho and asks for help. The docho sends help in the form of three samurai cats. You will have to read the book to see what happens next.

This book has an interesting plot that has a twist in the end. This helped to keep us interested in the story. Our favorite character was the bossy rat. We don't think he changed much during the story but in the end the rat learned a lesson. the rat also reminded us of a teacher we've had in the past beause he tries to control everything. The book also reminded us of the Ninja Turtle books, movies, and cartoons but reversed because in those stories the rat is good.

This would be an excellent book for middle school students to read because it teaches a lesson about how to treat others. It would entertain both boys and girls since it has action and animals. In the end, the story did not turn out like we thought it would because the front cover made us think the whole story would be action but instead there was a story with a moral.