1 Night of the Living Dummy III

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Night of the Living Dummy III

Written by R.L. Stine

Reviewed by Robert K. (age 10)

Night of the Living Dummy III

Trina O'Dell is a normal kid whose dad was a ventrililquist. Her brother, Dan, always used to frighten her with dummies, like Wilbur. Their cousin, Zane, had come over to spend the weekend with them. Deciding he wanted to see the dummies, Zane went up to the attic. While looking at one of them, one dummy slapped him.

That night, Trina, Dan and Zane started hearing voices from the attic. Zane went to Trina's room to tell her what he heard. Trina and Zane went downstairs to the kitchen to get Zane some cereal to calm him down. When they got downstairs, they made a horrific discovery. Rocky, one of the dummies, was in the kitchen. It turns out, Slappy, the evil dummy from the previous books, possessed the dolls.

Now they were being held hostage by dummies. After what seemed to be a very long time, Dan and Trina finally found Slappy and his goons and got in a fight with the dummies. Soon, Trina and Dan stopped them. But when Zane came upstairs, he accused them of scaring him. When Zane's parents came to pick him up, he told Uncle Cal everything. How disappointing for Dan and Trina!

If I wrote this book, I would change the ending. In the end, Slappy, the dummy, is defeated. But it turns out he's alive! You'd think the end would be resolved. My favorite part of the story is when Trina and Dan had the struggle with the dolls. It was very suspenseful Dan is my favorite character. He helped Trina capture Slappy and fight the dolls. Slappy is my least favorite character because he's a very crude doll (both crudely made and crude at heart).

This book does not really relate to my life because dummies don't come to life in my world! I would recommend this book to others because it is a great, scary story to read.