1 Blizzard of the Blue Moon

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Blizzard of the Blue Moon

Written by Geri Keams

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Niki M. (age 10)

Blizzard of the Blue Moon

The beginning of the story starts off with a mission. Annie and Jack's mission was to find this special unicorn. If they didn't, the unicorn would be held on public display and that's not good. If they ever got in trouble, they could use a spell, but the only bad thing about the spells were that they only had three left.

The middle part of the story starts off on the search for the unicorn. As they tried to find him, they keep thinking that Teddy and Kathleen were following them. Whenever Jack and Annie went on a mission, Kimberly and Teddy always had something to do with their mission. Instead of getting help from them, they went to someone's house and his name was Mr. Perkins. He was the person that helped them out of the park because they were lost. Then, they got out and went to the museum and they found a picture of the unicorn But the unicorn didn't come out when they said his name, "Dianthus".

At the end of the story, Balor and Grinda were still trying to use their rope to get the unicorn. Annie and Jack finally thought that they should use the duck spell, so they did. When they said it, it looked like a little tornado and then they both turned into a duck. Since they said that spell, they finally got Dianthus back. Now they were safe and also Dianthus was not going to be held on public display.

If I wrote this book, I would only change the part where he pulls on the unicorn's collar because it might hurt him. My favorite part of the book is when they find the unicorn because first Balor and Grinda find him. My favorite character is Annie because she tried to save the unicorn and because she loves him and will show him the way. My least favorite character is Balor because he pulls on the unicorn's collar and that probably hurt him.

This story relates to me because I have adventures, too. I think others should read this book because it is very interesting and because it has pictures that help you to understand what is going on.