1 Hound at the Hospital

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Hound at the Hospital

Written by Ben M. Baglio

Illustrated by Jenny Gregory

Reviewed by Jacob B. (age 10)

Hound at the Hospital

One day Dr. Davies came to the Animal Ark to give a speech. While he was doing his speech his dog Sasha ran away. James and Mandy looked for Sasha for two weeks. Finally they found her. Her leg had been run over. Dr. Davies took Sasha to the Animal Ark. They helped heal her leg. While Sasha was at the hospital, Mandy and James loved her. They loved the spot on her forehead. Mandy and James wanted to keep Sasha for a pet. On the way home Sasha had a problem with her heart. You will have to read the book to find out what happens to Sasha?

I liked the book and couldn’t put it down because I wanted to know what happened when Sasha ran away. I was really scared because Sasha had a problem with her heart.

Sasha reminds me of my dog Sparky. They’re both nice and adventurous. They are both nice. Sasha rubs against people and Sparky licks people. They both run all around and make life exciting.

This book is just like the other books by this author. Animals get lost and they always come to the Animal Ark to get treated. Mandy and James always help rescue them and help stray animals.

I felt sad when I read this book because I didn’t know if they would ever find Sasha. I didn’t know if Sasha would find any food where she was.

I would recommend this book. The people that would like it the most are second through fourth grade. I think that all of you that are detectives would like to find out about when Sasha runs away and they have to search for her.