1 Katie Kazoo Switcheroo, Friends for Never

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Katie Kazoo Switcheroo, Friends for Never

Written by Nancy Krulik

Illustrated by John and Wendy

Reviewed by Maddie (age 10)

Katie Kazoo Switcheroo, Friends for Never

In the beginning of the story, Katie goes to find Suzanne to see if she wants to play jump rope. When she finds Suzanne she is sitting against a tree with her friend, Jessica. Suzanne and Jessica said that jump roping "is for children." So Katie went along with it. Suzanne whispered to Jessica about runway modeling, and Katie asked what she said. Suzanne said she wouldn't tell her becasue she wasn't good enough.

Next, after school, Katie, Jeremy and Ginny were all walking home together. Katie decided to make a club with them. They were trying to think of one. Then Katie got an idea that they could have a cooking club. Everyone of their friends would be asked to join except Suzanne and Jessica. The club would make great food.

Lastly, the next day Katie was at school and everybody hated Suzanne. They all went to the modeling show and thought Suzanne was ugly and too full of herself. Katie stood up for Suzanne and ignored everyone else at luchtime. Suzanne heard what Katie did for her, and they sat together. They became friends and played together. They were both very happy.

I would not have changed anything in the story because it is marvelous just the way it is. My favorite part of the story is when Suzanne and Katie become friends again. My favorite character is Katie because she is sweet, kind and caring of other people. My least favorite character is Suzanne because she hurt Katie's feelings very badly and betrayed her.

This story relates to my life with the characters getting in fights with friends and then liking each other all over again. I think others should read this story because it is very good and helps you with friend troubles.