1 The Top Job

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The Top Job

Written by Linda Aber

Illustrated by Robert Neubecker

Reviewed by Liam P. (age 9)

The Top Job

Have you been to the Empire State Building to change a lightbulb? Or to the Statue of Liberty to wash a window? This little girl sure did. The little girl got to help her dad in this story. The little girls’ dad goes in to high altitude climbing for washing windows and changing lightbulbs. He does that because that is his job. He does his job with stuff like boots, a hard hat with a light and a wash rag and some rope.

I really loved the surprises in this book. I loved the illustrations because it looked like he used a mix of crayons and paint together. I really liked this book because you have to turn the book over to see a full page illustration of the Empire State Building. I liked the part where she wouldn’t stop talking because that is the same thing I would do.

I recommend this book to people who like surprises because there is a lot of them.